One thought on “Thumbtack Reviews

  1. What’s a Lesson, Surprise and Great pleasure to me was to deal with a private business- ElectronicsOverhaul.
    Easy access to conveniently located in the heart of 5 cities of Hampton Roads, next to expressway 664.
    Of course business is only part of success, behind is a human beings/personnel – Fully knowledgeable, reliable, honest and smart in their operation including Superb Customer Service .
    I traveled 70 miles r.t. to their location to learn all of this, while I was waiting to see how swiftly, without hesitation my broken hover-board was taking apart, diagnose the trouble and fully satisfied customer.
    I wish that all businesses would be running like this, to eliminate problems, troubles, pain, inconveniences and others deficiencies in ‘no time’.
    Bravo Adam, wish you and your operation could get Rewards given by Better Business Bureau for your accomplishments (see all reviews).
    With appreciation – Thank You.

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